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William Snr [1826]

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William Snr RIDLER (1826-1867)

Sarah CLARK (1829-1901)

Albert William RIDLER (1850-1901)

Walter RIDLER (1852-1933)

Alice Ellen RIDLER (1853- )

Nelson Fredrick RIDLER (1856-1858)

Emily Eliza Snr RIDLER (1858-1861)

William Nelson RIDLER (1860-1861)

Emily Eliza Jnr RIDLER (1863-1934)

Louisa Anne RIDLER (1865- )

William RIDLER (1867-1891)

Robert RIDLER (1794/7-1841)

Jane BOULTER (c1789-1848)

18 Jun 1826  

24 Dec 1826        Temple

 (age 15)  Rings Buildings, Pipe lane, Temple, William RIDDLER , 16 labourer, born inCounty.

27 May 1849   St.Phillip and Jacob, Bristol  

William Ridler at St Phillip and Jacob, occupation Printer. William's father - Robert Ridler, Flax Dresser & Sarah's father, William Clark, Gardener

Living at 57 Colston St, Bedminster (16/1n/45). WILLIAM RIDLER, Head, age 24, House Painter, born Somerset Bristol. Sarah Ridler, Wife, age 21, born Somerset Bristol. Albert Ridler, Son, age 9months, born, Somerset Bristol.

 Living at 1 Easton Rd, Easton, Bristol. (Reel 14,        1734,E,District) 

WILLIAM RIDLER, Head, 33, House  Painter, born Bristol, Bedminster. 

Sarah Ridler, Wife, age 30, born Bristol Bedminster. Albert Ridler, Son, age 10, Scholar, born Bristol Redcliff. 

Walter Ridler, Son, 9, Scholar, born Bristol Bedminster. 

Alice Ellen, Daughter, 6, Scholar, born Bristol Bedminster. 

Emily Eliza, Daughter, 2, born Bristol St.Philip. William Nelson, Son, 6months, Bristol St.Philip. Amos Hobbs, Boarder, married, 60, Mason, born Devonshire. 

William Hill, Boarder, Unmarried, 23, General Porter, born South Axbridge?. 

Eliza Clark, Visitor, Unmarried,23 born Bedminster

Sarah's sister ? )

1866 and 1867 1 Easton St.  Plasterer and Painter 


2 Nov 1867 (age 41) Sub-district of Saint Philip &     Jacob (Death registered at Clifton).

Cause: Phthisis 2 years, Certified. 

Address: 13 Clarence Street, Newtown, Bristol.

(Note - Died of Phthisis, the illness lasting 2 years. Phthisis a term formerly applied (like Consumption) to the disease of the lung now known as Tuberculosis. Informant: Harriet Morgan present at death  Occupation at death - Painter (Master


  19 Feb 1868 Last will and testament of William Ridler of the City of Builder indirect ......etc.... all my household furniture, plate, linen, china, glass and other household effects unto my dear wife Sarah Ridler.I give and devise all my messuage or dwelling house, 11 New Walls Terrace, Bedminster, Somerset unto and to the use of my friends, John Henry Holbrook, plummer and George Stephen Clark labourer to sell by private contract . After paying the mortgage debt the balance to my wife.And the rest residue and remainder and personal estate to my said wife to receive the rents, issues and profits during her widowhood to decease or second marriage. Thereof in trust for my child if only one or for my children if more than one in equal shares.The shares of my daughters to be received, enjoyed and disposed of by them as their separate estate without control of inference of any husband.I appoint JOHN Henry Holbrook and George Stephen Clark executors of this will. 28 August 1867.Witnesses, William Joseph Wilcox, clerk to Mr Atchley, SOL. and William James Robe, Accountant, Park Row, Easton. Proved at Bristol 19 February 1868 by JHH & GSC, executors.The Testator William Ridler was late of the City of Bristol Builder and died on 2 November 1867 at 12 Church St, Newtown. Under £20.

William's father (Robert)died a few months before the 1841 Census and his mother (Jane) seven months before his marriage to Sarah in 1849.

He is first listed in the Matthews directory for 1860 under the name W RIDLER and his address is given as 1 Easton Rd, Easton.

Successive entries for the following years show that in 1866 he was listed as a Plasterer and Painter. The last entry is 1867 still with the same address, however when he died in 1867 his address was 12 Church St,  Newtown, this being the place of death on the death certificate.

His occupation at the time he died was given as Master Painter. For the last two years of his life he was suffering from Phthisis a term formerly applied (like Consumption )to the disease of the lung now known as Tuberculosis and it is quite possible the business was carried on by Sarah.

Following the death of William, Sarah  married again to JAMES BEVAN listed as a Coach Builder. They had a son Frederick BEVAN.

In 1898 Harry Eamer, (see the EAMER family history), was an apprentice to Frederick to learn the trade decorator at 3 Clarence St, Newtown, Bristol, the same address that Sarah was living at the time of her death in 1901 age 72. Frederick was living at 47 Zetland road in January 1902  when Harry finished his apprenticeship.

The Eldest son Albert William was 17 when WILLIAM died at the age of 41 and he also became a painter and decorator. Was his business originally William's?. He first appeared in Mathews Directory in 1876.

Sarah CLARK (1829 - 1901) 

William CLARK (1804?- )

SARAH ( - )

20 Sep 1829      West St, Bedminster, Somerset

18 Oct 1829        St.John,  Bedminster. Somerset

11 Apr 1901 (age 71) Clarence Rd, Newtown, Bristol.

1901 Greenbank Cemetery Bristol GRAVE  235 Pink T, Purchased:  April 1901 by JAMES BEVAN, 3 Clarence Street, Newtown, Bristol.In grave are 15242  SARAH BEVAN, 72 years old. 3 Clarence St, Newtown. d. 10/04/1901, Bristol.bd.13/04/1901, (1st husband WILLIAM Ridler Snr )

40771   ALBERT JAMES BEVAN, 53 years old. d. 05/07/1918

66774  JAMES BEVAN, 96 years old. d. 03/02/1937

80365  LILLIE BEVAN, 82 years old, d. 30/08/1947

84921  MARTHA EMMA BEVAN, 86 years old. 57 Devonshire Rd,  WestburyPark, Bristol. Died at, 15 Cotham Grove, Bristol. d. 31/05/1953, bd.04/06/1953

Inscription,In loving memory of SARAH BEVAN who departed this life April 10th 1901age 72 years. Peace, perfect peace. Also JAMES BEVAN, beloved husband of above who parted this life Feb 3 1937 in his 96th year. Reunited. Also MARTHA EMMA eldest daughter of JAMES BEVAN who died May 31st 1953 age 86 years.On base,In loving memory of ALBERT JAMES the beloved husband of LILLIE BEVAN and eldest son of JAMES BEVAN who passed peacefully away July 5th 1918 age 53 years. Also LILLIE, beloved wife of above died Aug 30th 1947 age 82 years.

William Senior RIDLER

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Albert William RIDLER (1850 - 1901)

Eliza Ann ? (1841-before 1905)

17 Jun 1850       Bristol

Living at 57 Colston St, Bedminster (16/1n/45).

WILLIAM RIDLER, Head, age 24, House Painter, born Somerset Bristol.

Sarah Ridler, Wife, age 21, born Somerset Bristol. Albert Ridler, Son, age 9months, born Somerset Bristol.

1876 (age 25-26), Clarence Rd, Painter

1883, 3 Stanley Buildings, Easton Painter

1887, 54 Easton Rd, Easton Painter

1892, 54 Easton Rd, Easton House Decorator 

21 Dec 1901 (age 51)     City Union Eastville Institution, ALBERT died at the age of 51 years at Barton Regis Union (190 Fishponds Rd, also known as City Union and Eastville Institution) Bristol

24 Dec 1901 (age 51)     Greenbank Cemetery. He was buried at Greenbank Cemetery in an Institute grave. Record 16069 Bristol

Walter RIDLER (1852 - 1933)

Matilda Daubeny OLIVER (1848-1887)

Rosena DAVIS (1852-1935)

12 Mar 1852      Bristol

 Living at Easton Rd, Easton, Bristol.

1861 - Census, (Reel 14, 1734,E,District. Walter Ridler, Son, 9, Scholar, born Bedminster Bristol.

1880 (age 27-28)  Lawford House, Stapleton Rd, Bristol

1882 (age 29-30) 31 Stapleton Rd, Bristol

1889 (age 36-37) 41 Stapleton Rd, Bristol, Painter and House Decorator

24 Mar 1933 (age 81) 41 Stapleton Rd, Eastville,

Occupation at Death - Retired Builder 

From a newspaper cutting of 1931


Mr. Walter Ridler of 41 Stapleton Road Bristol, retired builder, who died on March 24, aged 81 years, left estate of the gross value of £9,459 with net personalty £1,421.He left £20 to Albert Bird, a railway employee; No. 40, Chaplin-road, Easton, to Mrs. Morris as a mark of my appreciation of her faithful services to me.Such household and personal effects as she might select were left to his wife, and certain house property upon trust, for her life, and other house property to his daughters, Florence Matilda Mereweather, Laurel Eveline Phillips, and Alice Cuff; his nephew; Albert  William Ridler; his grandson, Richard Walter Mereweather, his great grandsons, Peter Mereweather and John Mereweather; and his grand-daughters, Zena Felicia Cuff and Gretchen Daubeny Cuff; and to Emily Benn Jackson for life.The proceeds of the sale of 566 Stapleton-road were left upon trust to pay £200 to his daughter, Amy Leanora St. John, £50 each to Emily Luke, Alice Cuff and Mrs. Harris, £25 to Lyla Clark £15 to Mrs. Harris, £10 to Mrs. Corner, and the remainder to Miss H. Clark.The residue of the properiy he left equally between his four daughters.

28 Mar 1933 (age 81)     Greenbank Cemetery BR1STOL, GRAVE 69 Pink C

Purchased: February 1887 by WALTER RIDLER, 41 Stapleton Rd, Eastville, 

Bristol. In grave are;

425,MATILDA RIDLER, 38 years old. 41 Stapleton Rd Eastville Bristol   d.10/04/1901, bd13/04/1901, (1st Wife of WALTER)

61595, WALTER RIDLER, 82 years old. 41 Stapleton Rd Eastville Bristol, d.24/03/1933, bd.28/03/1933

64702  ROSENA RIDLER, 83 years old. 91 Effingham Rd, St Andrews, Bristol. d.15/08/1935 bd.19/08/2935 

(2nd Wife of WALTER)

74312 ALICE BEATRICE CUFF 66 years old, 122 Ashley Down Rd, Bristol. d.10/10/1941, bd.14/10/1941

75017, FLORENCE MATILDA MEREWEATHER, 69 years old. 8 Carnarvon Rd, Redland, Bristol, d.17/05/2942  bd.21/05/1942

Inscription,In loving memory of MATILDA DAUBENY, the dearly beloved wife of WALTER RIDLER, who passed away February 17th 1887 aged 38 years. Patiently waiting. Also WALTER RIDLER, husband of above, died March 24th 1933 aged 81 years. Peace. Also ROSENA RIDLER died August 15th 1935 aged 83 years. Also ALICE BEATRICE, daughter of WALTER and MATILDA RIDLER, and beloved wife of LIONEL HALL CUFF, died October 10th 1941. At rest. Also FLORENCE MATILDA, daughter of WALTER and MATILDA RIDLER, and beloved wife of THOMAS RICHARD MEREWEATHER died May 17th 1942 aged 69 years.Bristol

Alice Ellen RIDLER (1853 - ?)

 Edward HUGHES (1853?- )

28 Dec 1853      Bristol St Philip and Jacob


Nelson Fredrick RIDLER (1856 - 1858)

26 Jun 1856       Bristol

15 Apr 1858 (age 1 yr 10 mns)    Bristol

Emily Eliza Snr RIDLER (1858 - 1861)

 31 Oct 1858      Bristol

19 Dec 1861 (age 3 yrs 2 mns)   Bristol

William Nelson RIDLER (1860 - 1861)

16 Sep 1860      Bristol

18 Dec 1861 (age 1 yr 3 mns)     Bristol

William Nelson  died the day before Emily (she was 3 Years 2 months). By inference they were both struck down by the same disease . It must have dismayed WILLIAM and SARAH to loose 3 babies in as many years, WILLIAM NELSON was only 1 year 3 months old when he died. The name Nelson has not been used in the family since.

Emily Eliza Jnr RIDLER (1863 - 1934)

Wallace John LUKE (1859-1937)

3 Jan 1863 Address 4 Horfield Rd, St.Michaels, Bristol

26 Sep 1934 (age 71)     Southmead Hospital, Bristol

29 Sep 1934 (age 71)     Greenbank Cemetery 

Grave 236 Green R, Record 63598

Louisa Anne RIDLER (1865 - ?)

Fredrick FISHER ( - )

30 Jan 1865       Bristol


William RIDLER (1867 - 1891)

Kate Ellen ANCRUM (1867-1920)

 13 Sep 1867 

24 Nov 1891 (age 24)    Cause: Influenza, Pneumonia  35 Regent St, Newtown, Bristol